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Get a Quote for your Special Order JDM vehicle!

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Please read our disclaimer about Special Order vehicles


By using C2D Yokota's exclusive special order service, you are having us operate as a purchasing agent to win a specific used vehicle and you will save money using our services. However, because you are bidding on your own vehicle at your own terms, this excludes the car from C2D Yokota's 30 day assurance that is offered with our standard inventory stock.

You are buying direct from the Japanese auction sources and you are only being charged a small service fee for the services we provide which means you as the buyer are fully responsible for any repairs needed in order to make the vehicle road worthy before or after JCI inspection. At C2D Yokota we will try our very best to assist you with buying the right vehicle in your budget that fits your requirements, in the best mechanical condition, however, C2D Yokota will NOT be held responsible for any unreported issues not mentioned through the auction, and any issues that develop with the vehicle with use are the liability of the buyer and not C2D Yokota. 

Vehicle commission up to 1 million Yen - $300.00

Vehicle commission up to 2 million Yen - $650.00

Vehicle commission over 2 million Yen - $1,000.00

There is of course good news with our services – you will be able to acquire the exact car you desire at the exact terms that you've specified including the price! Our team will be able to assist and guide you to what is the best option for you, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase! Thank you for using C2D Yokota's Special Order services, and please let us know if there's any further questions you have about this exclusive offering!

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