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Vehicle Condition Disclaimer

At C2D Yokota, our goal is to make your purchase a positive experience. We go above and beyond to ensure that the vehicle you select is in excellent working condition. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we would like to inform you about a few important details below.

Vehicle Warranty Information

At C2D Yokota, we check every car before we sell to ensure that they are road worthy when you leave the lot! Our free standard warranty will cover engine and transmission issues (powertrain warranty) for the next 1,000 kilometers driven or for 1 month, whichever comes first. Please know that we do NOT re-sell junk cars, they are brought to a third party and disposed of properly, or dismantled for parts. 

We want you to be satisfied with your car purchase! During the test drive, if any faults or flaws are identified in your new vehicle, we will ensure that those issues are addressed before you receive the vehicle. Additionally, we will offer vehicles with essential maintenance services, including oil and fluid changes, and ensuring that the brakes and tires have a remaining life of over 50%. If the remaining life is below the threshold, we will replace them at no additional costs. Furthermore, if the car battery is over two years old, it will be replaced, free of charge.


C2D Yokota's standard warranty plan does NOT cover electronic parts, such as: window controls, side mirrors, air conditioning, steering system, CV boots, drive shaft boots, suspension, coil overs, dampers, and mounts of any kind. Please be advised that these are used cars, and small things like lights and lamps, check engine lights, ignition coils and spare plugs we cannot cover as the vehicle ages. 


Events such as engine oil leakage, radiator leakage, AC compressor failures and ETC can happen after purchase, such as when the vehicle is revved high, driven over obstacles, driven recklessly, or the vehicles underside is damaged, so please drive carefully.


Please note! The Japanese authorities will not pass the vehicle during inspection if there’s any leakage of any fluids or if there’s any check engine or other systems warning lights on. In so meaning that when we have possession of the vehicle they are in good condition to the best of our knowledge and we are selling them as such! It should be understood that used cars can have their own failure points at any time.


We try our best everyday to find you quality used cars in the best condition possible and we do it all at a very cheap price. However, this means that our own profit is on slim margin and we would like a mutual understanding of these conditions. That’s how we can sell quality cars at cheap prices. Thanks so much for your cooperation and understanding, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

                              C2D Yokota Management

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