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New Arrival🙌🏼 2011 Honda Freed G $2950

Looking for a stylish yet eco-friendly car? Look no further! Our newest arrival at 📍C2D Yokota- a Honda Freed. Perfect for bigger families looking to travel all around Japan!🇯🇵


- AT

- 110k Km

- Navigation

- Backup Camera

- Left power door

- 7 passengers

- Eco Mode

Stop by our showroom today to take a look or a FREE test drive!🥳 Located LEFT out of main/Fussa gate, walk for 13 minutes- or contact for a free ride from base!🤩


Sandy: 090-2726-2000


Zoe: 70-9155-1810

If you’re unable to text/call a Japanese numbers, kindly email us at

Honda Freed G Just Selection 2011

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