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New Arrival💚✨ 2011 Nissan March! $2750

Rev up your style with the sleek and affordable lime green beauty on wheels! Unleash the cuteness and turn heads wherever you go.🤩

Features for the Nissan March 4WD 12G 4

- AT

- 63k Km

- Intelligent key

- ETC card reader

- Navigation

- Digital Japanese TV

Looking to test drive? Stop by our showroom for a FREE test drive, today! Located 13 minutes left out of the main/Fussa gate☺️


Contact for our free pickup service!

Sandy: 90-2726-2000

Zoe: 70-9155-1810

Can’t text a Japanese number? No problem! Just shoot us an email at

Nissan March 4WD 12G 4 2011

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