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Are you interested in purchasing a JDM sports car? Let us help you find your dream car with our top-notch services and expertise!


Price to sell complete with full Y plate, 2 years JCI, 2 Years inspection and all fees except liability insurance.


◾Toyota JZX100 Tourer V​ (2000, series 2)

◾Manual R154 transmission


◾127,000km. Genuine mileage

◾Graded 4 by the auction which was fair.


It's a very clean car with no major imperfections- it may need a little paint correction to make it A1!

There are no dents on any of the panels. A complete mirror finish with no ripples or waves.


◾1JZ-GTE vvti single turbo engine

◾BLITZ front mount intercooler with hard pipe kit. All correct brackets used for mounting

◾Final Konnexion aero kit. Front side and rear. All fitted correctly, utilizing the original OEM arch liners front and rear, and brackets to support the lower areas of the bumper. It's fitted very well.

◾Rear fender archs are NOT rolled. They are standard and in A1 condition

◾Factory HID headlights

◾Full​y adjustable Coilover suspension.

◾Underside of this car is in as new condition from the factory. Check photos attached.

◾Full interior with no major imperfections, but it is of a used condition as you should expect.

◾Original OEM​ steering wheel in perfect condition

◾No smoking car and no smell of previous smoke.

◾Traction control and SNOW MODE work fine. No flashing lights, no compliance / road registration issues.

◾ Brand new tyres x4 fitted


Starts on the button with no issues. Drives fine with smooth shifting from the R154 transmission.


Car is priced at $26,995

Feel free to send us a message and we can go from there.


Car comes with:

◾Full fluid service change which include:  engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and radiator fluid change.


-Team C2D Yokota

Continuously Putting Military before anything else

Toyota Chaser Tourer V 2000

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